The Gift Is Inside





Through Innovation We Inspire and Empower All To Aspire To Live Their Purpose.



To Become the CHANGE AGENT That Empowers All To Be The Best Expression

of Self Through the Pursuit of Purpose. 


purpose is to birth concious awareness of what, why and how the

subconcious mind shapes the image that we are today.  Through knowledge and understanding the power to controls ones S.U.T., we will reshape images to fullfill their desired purpose in life. Through the way we...

Speak - Understand - Think.


I-AM Apparel was created as a way to bring understanding about the power of words that we speak, the way we understand and think about ourselves and our life's experiences (past, present and future). I-AM are the two most powerful words in any language. Our apparel is spreading awareness of God’s word and who we were created in the image of. We all were created with a specific purpose and gift inside of us to present to the world in order to live out our divine purpose.


All of us are seeking to become the best expression of self and searching for our purpose. Some people find it difficult to walk by faith and not by sight, to seek GOD for guidance and to search within for their purpose. Trust me, I've been there. So, through clothing and biblical scripture we are reminding all who's image (likeness) that we are created in and the power of our words. We are seeking to become the change agent that inspires and empowers all live their GOD given purpose through transforming the way we SPEAK, UNDERSTAND and THINK.